A Look at Common Misconceptions About Getting Braces as an Adult  

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Once thought to be a trademark thing during the teenage years, braces are now more common than ever for adults. However, there are still a lot of adults who are apprehensive about the idea of getting braces. A lot of this apprehension comes from some misleading information or misconceptions that adults have about braces in general. Take a look at some of the most common misconceptions about getting braces as an adult.

Misconception: Adults have to wear braces for years to see improvements.

The average adult will usually have to wear braces from 18 months to three years, which is just slightly longer than the average teenager will have to wear them. Adults have teeth that are already done growing, which means it can take slightly longer to move them with braces, but you definitely should start seeing improvements in your smile rather quickly in spite of that fact.

Misconception: Adults who wear braces are not respected by their peers.

There is a common misconception that braces equate to something juvenile in the minds of onlookers, but that is not the case. Braces are more common for adults now than they have ever been before, so it is a more socially acceptable thing to see an adult with braces. Plus, with the modern options available through Annapolis orthodontics offices like invisible braces, you may have the opportunity to straighten your smile without anyone really seeing much of a difference in your appearance.

Misconception: Braces don’t make as much difference in adult teeth.

Braces can work wonders for adult teeth just like they can for the teeth of an adolescent. It is an ongoing misconception that adult teeth will not move as much with braces treatment, but this is a completely false belief. Just as a perfect smile could have been achieved when you were younger, the same can happen in spite of your older age.

Misconception: There’s no need to straighten your teeth as an adult.

You’ve lived your entire life with teeth that are not all that straight, so it is easy to assume that getting braces should not really be a priority. However, there are more reasons to get braces beyond just aesthetic appearance. Straighter teeth with an aligned bite are actually better for your health overall. You will be less likely to have problems with certain things if you have an aligned set of teeth, such as:

  • Dental decay
  • Gum disease
  • Poor oral hygiene

Overall, it is important to not let your age be a factor in deciding whether you should get braces. Talk to an Annapolis orthodontics specialist to find out more about getting braces as an adult and the things you should expect.

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