Kids At Your Wedding? Here’s How To Keep Them Busy And What Food To Prepare For Them

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Most, if not all big and traditional wedding will include a few kids in the guest list. Whether they are part of the wedding entourage like the flower girls and the ring bearer or because your guests are bringing their kids, the kids still need to be fed and entertained for the night. Wedding planning is usually focused on what the soon-to-be-married couple wants, but it is also a must to consider the comfort and experience of your guests. Yes, this includes the kids.

Here are a few tips on how to plan a wedding reception with kids in mind to avoid tantrums, meltdowns, and general chaos.

  1. The Kids Table

It is a must to give kids their own table where they can have their own world to enjoy the reception. While it can be hard to keep toddlers in one table without their parents fussing over them, the older kids will certainly appreciate being sat together with kids their age.

  1. Kid-Friendly Menu

Let the Hanover PA catering company handling your food prep know that there are kids attending. This way you can plan a kid’s menu to be served specifically for their table. Easy to eat food items like chicken fingers and fries are always a hit with the kids. Avoid any messy food items such as spaghetti or anything with sauce so that parents don’t have to worry about dealing with stained clothes during the reception.

Talk it over with the catering company so that extra fees and charges for a special menu can be sorted out and budgeted long before the big day.

  1. Ask About Allergies

Kids tend to have more allergies than adults and this can be serious. Ask their parents about any dietary restrictions and allergy concerns so that you can tell the Hanover PA catering company in advance. Be very careful with triggers as in a noisy wedding reception, a serious allergic reaction can be hard to spot.

  1. Outdoor Games!

If the weather and venue permits, set up an outdoor game station for the kids to enjoy while the adults are on the dance floor. Simple games like hula hoops, lawn bowling, and outdoor Jenga will keep the kids (and possibly some adults) entertained for the rest of the evening. Outdoor games don’t necessarily have to be party games, they just need to keep the kids occupied for a few hours while the reception is in full swing.

  1. Indoor Entertainment

Sometimes it is impossible to set up an outdoor gaming station, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t play. Simple indoor entertainment such as coloring books and board games are more than enough. An arts and crafts table will also be a fun way to keep the kids occupied, provided that there’s a responsible adult watching over their activities.

Welcome Wedding Guests Of All Ages

Make your wedding an event guests of all ages will enjoy and remember for years. The kids, their parents, you, your spouse, and the other guest will be glad that the kids are well-fed and entertained throughout the night instead of being bored or causing a ruckus.

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