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For styling, in addition to a hair dryer and a comb, a hair brush should be in a man’s arsenal. Get a brush with natural bristles or a massage one with rubber or wooden round teeth. Men can also use a straightener. But it must have good quality so as not to damage the hair and scalp.

A small amount of wax or gel will help smooth it.

New York Barbers know short hair is best styled with gel. It gives hair the necessary fixation. It is important to apply the right amount of product. Porcupine needles and the “wooden hair” effect are no longer in vogue.

But styling gel is not suitable for long hair, because it makes hair tough and unmanageable.

A wax or styling cream will help create a natural look. After using the gel or wax, apply hairspray very carefully. Its excessive amount will make hair fat and untidy.

Without exception, all the stylish men’s hairstyles that you see in the movies or on photos in the Instagram are the results not so much of a fashionable haircut, as of a careful gel styling. In this case, the main secret of proper male styling is invisible, and the hair looks as natural as possible.

In fact, the appearance of the hair depends largely on the choice of a particular styling product. Mousse will give volume, the gel will create the impression of wet hair, wax or paste will set the shape, and the lacquer will reliably fix it. However, it is often impossible to determine in advance which product is right for you – in fact, you should always try it. It would be good if you consult your dermatologist in NY.

Experiment with different products for hair styling and their effect on your hairstyle. Do not be discouraged if you bought the wrong gel – better give it to friends and do not try to use it to the end, since “it was expensive.” Try different types of styling products and choose the one that suits you the most.


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